Apaurin should be avoided in combination with the following medications:

  • All drugs that have effects on the central nervous system, such as:
    • antipsychotics,
    • anxiolytics,
    • antidepressants,
    • analgesics,
    • anesthetics, and other. Concomitant use with these drugs may increase the effect of Apaurin diazepam 10mg krka on the central nervous system! Tell your doctor about all medicines you are taking.
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Apaurin diazepam 10mg krka is medicine that contains an active substance called diazepam. This medicine belongs to group of medicines called benzodiazepines. It has sedative and relaxing effects, and therefore it is used in the treatment of

  1. anxiety,
  2. insomnia,
  3. epilepsy,
  4. muscle cramps (muscle spasms),
  5. to relieve symptoms in patients in alcohol rehab and in preparing patients for surgery.


It should not be used for more than one month, because of the risk of addiction! Apaurin diazepam 10mg krka may cause a psychological and physical dependence, especially if it is used in higher doses and for more than a month. Your doctor will determine the duration of treatment with this medicine.

Do not stop using this drug, as it may cause “withdrawal syndrome” or worsening of your symptoms (anxiety, insomnia, mood changes, seizures, etc.)! You should stop using this drug slowly.

We’ll give you an example: If you are taking Apaurin diazepam 10mg krka 10 mg, it is necessary to first reduce the dose to 5 mg for 4-5 days, and then again reduce the dose to 2 mg for 4-5 days, after what you can completely stop with using.

After prolonged use tolerance on this drug can develop, respectively Apaurin diazepam 10mg krka will have less effect on the patient.

It should be avoided in combination with alcoholic beverages because alcohol can increase the effect of this drug!

It should be avoided in patients with myasthenia gravis (autoimmune neuromuscular disorder) because Apaurin diazepam 10mg krka may worsen the condition in such patients.

Bear in mind that it can cause anterograde amnesia (inability to recall events that occurred while you were under the influence of the drug). Therefore it should be taken 30 minutes / one hour before bedtime.

Apaurin should not be used in patients with severe liver disorders or severe kidney disorders.

It may have increased effect in elderly patients and cause dizziness, which can lead to falls of elderly patients and different types of injuries. Therefore, it should be used only with extra precautions in elderly patients.

Apaurin diazepam 10mg krka should be avoided in patients allergic to diazepam or other similar drugs: bromazepam, nitrazepam, lorazepam and others.

This drug is not intended for use in people who have experienced the loss of a loved one, because Apaurin diazepam 10mg krka may disturb the mental adjustment. Also, it is not intended for use in paitents with mental disorders.


Use of Apaurin is not recommended during pregnancy, especially during the first and last trimester, because it can cause cleft lip in babies or cause the fetus to become addicted! This medicine can be used during pregnancy only if the benefit to the mother outweighs the risk to the child.

Avoid breastfeeding while using this drug, because Apaurin diazepam 10mg krka passes into breast milk and may harm your baby.

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